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Baseball has been quantified with Sabermetrics. Basketball is being quantified with the Pythagorean expectation to the 14th power. Now, it’s time to quantify something really important—life and death important—the science of medicine behind medical treatments. Here at EBM™ Treatment Scores we love the Science of Medicine SOM® and hope you'll join us in quantifying treatments. Please register for a free account and start helping.

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We are a provider of online instruction in the field of mathematics. We teach mathematics and medical statistics. We believe that the entire world needs to understand medical statistics, therefore, we are teaching what we call Easy Basic Mathematics (EBM™), in order to make medical statistics accessible to everyone. By registering above, you will have the ability to reach out to us for instructional classes about medical statistics, which we attempt to schedule at your convenience. Topics include science-based medicine, means, standard deviations, absolute treatment effects, the Treatment Score Analyzer™, the Diagnosis Tool™, the Treatment Organizer™, the Treatment Score Calculator™, the STAR™ Blocks, and the Decision Box™.